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Asoc. Casa de la Alegría

Asociación Casa de la Alegría is a no-profit institution, legally registered RUC 20514312860. Its founders are a small group of volunteers who share the same goal: Doing something for those who need help. We are leaded by RP Fr. Jorge Remuzgo Gagliuffi.

Poverty and extreme poverty in our country, especially in Lima, allow us to see how the carelessness, self-forsakenness and lack of respect for the basic rights deeply affect not only the body, but also the soul of those who have less. Facing this situation, we cannot live surrounded by this without caring and trying, at least in a small proportion, to meet some of the needs of those who are the least protected.
This is the reason why we have chosen to help people marginalized due to their sexual orientation, economical status o health condition. We consider that people who have to cope with HIV, AIDS and the homeless inhabitants in Lima, who live in a permanent social risk, are the “presence of Jesus” Who is calling us to serve him.

We have two concrete proposals. The first one is already on track, and consists on setting up a center for recovery and receiving people with HIV in convalescence. This will be possible thanks to Orden Carmelitas del Peru, which has facilitated us an old house in a neighborhood called Cieneguilla, outside of Lima.

The second, a bit more ambitious proposal consists on creating a center to feed and temporarily shelter people who live on the streets in Lima downtown. We hope to start working on this within the next 18 months.

Asoc. Casa de la Alegría

Asoc. Casa de la Alegría
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Know la Casa de la Alegría in Cieneguilla, it is soon to be open.

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